Get in touch

We are passionate about making this project a reality, but need support. Whilst we already have a skilled and giving network of psychologists and therapists we know that it takes many other skills and resources to make a project like this succeed.

How you can help

Involvement comes in many forms and if you think you can help; to be involved or just want to know more then please contact us.

What we need

As we grow from an idea to a reality we need people to support us in many ways. To establish this project please offer us a message of support that we can share, or if you have experience of promoting and developing projects such as this,  have ideas on obtaining backers and funding or you have longer term ideas on how you could be involved, then please take the time to fill in our contact form or get in touch directly as we would love to hear from you.

Current project goals

We have found a wonderful piece of woodland that we feel would be ideal for this project, but we currently do not have enough funds to purchase outright. Whilst we would love to find financial backing to secure this site, we would also love to know of other suitable sites we might be able to use near the Matlock area.