We are Thinking Big & Need Your Help

The value of ecotherapy, adventure therapy, forest schools etc has been established for some time and we are trying to make it accessible to people and free at the point of access, particularly for those that need it most

It will be even more important in a Post-Covid 19 environment for therapies to take place outdoors. Groups and individual therapy sessions will be provided within the woodland, there will be scope for drop in sessions, regular forest skills classes, mindfulness courses, yoga and much more. As well as a space for developing grant funded therapies it will also provide opportunity for people to both visit and share their skills in a stunning and evolving environment.

Plans for the future are for Woodland Therapies to be sustained using grants and other funding sources and for therapy to be provided free at the point of access. Our therapists include highly experienced and registered Clinical Psychologists, CBT practitioners, Art Therapists, Counsellors, Youth Workers, Adoption and Fostering Social Workers, Forest Schools practitioners and many more. All are passionate about bringing their therapeutic skills together to make this a trailblazing project to revolutionise community based mental health care!

We were attempting to purchase an amazing piece of woodland in the heart of Derbyshire. We had secured backing from a well established partner and were hoping to secure the deal. Unfortunately this was not to be and the woodland went to another party. So currently we are continuing to look for other suitable locations preferrably over 10 acres and close to Matlock..

We are asking for people to donate whatever they can and also seeking other investors and backers that want to support a project that could make a huge difference on both a local and wider scale.. We would love to hear from philanthropists, therapists and others wanting to be involved in the start up and longer term.